South Shore

Prince’s Bay is the name of a neighborhood located on the South Shore of New York City‘s borough of Staten Island and of an arm of Raritan Bay (which in turn is part of the Atlantic Ocean), on which the eastern shoreline of the community is situated. The neighborhood’s name is often misreckoned as “Princess Bay” or “Prince Bay;” indeed, the community’s United States Post Office officially bears the name “Princes Bay Station” according to the USPS website and directory.

Development in the area accelerated when the southern terminus of the Staten Island Railway was moved from Eltingville to Tottenville in 1860; the Prince’s Bay station crosses underneath Seguine Avenue, formerly known as Prince’s Bay Road. Primarily a fishing village at first, its oysters were so famous that “Prince’s Bay Oysters” could often be found on menus at prominent seafood restaurants in Manhattan, and even London. A large factory, operated by the S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Company, was once located along the shoreline at the foot of Seguine Avenue; at one point, the plant was the largest employer in all of Staten Island, but closed in 1972. In the late 1970s a small shopping center, known as the Prince’s Bay Trade Mart, was opened in the building the factory had occupied; but its remote location and inability to compete with the larger and already-established Staten Island Mall doomed the project to failure, and it closed a few years later. The property was sold and a proposed development was planned but, as of yet, has not come to light.

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