Bloomingdale Park, Staten Island-NY

Looking south along Sandy Creek from Drumgoole...
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Bloomingdale Park is a 138-acre  park on the South Shore of Staten Island. It is located in the Prince’s Bay neighborhood, and is bounded on the north by Ramona Avenue, on the west by Bloomingdale Road, on the east by Lenevar Avenue, and on the south by Drumgoole Road West and the Korean War Veterans Parkway. It is nearly bisected by Maguire Avenue, but the avenue’s two spurs into the park from the north and south do not meet in the middle.

Beginning in February 2003 15 acres (6.1 ha) of park were renovated and upgraded with the addition of sports fields, walking and biking paths, a playground and rest center at the corner of Ramona and Lenevar Avenues which serves residents in the western portion of Woodrow. On the corner of Maguire Avenue and Drumgoole Road West, there is also a small pond habitat which was made accessible by a footpath. All the recent renovations took place to east of Maguire Avenue, and west of there remains untouched woodlands.

Visit this park any time of year for activities, jogging or just for fun.   Check out my website for more information about  Prince’s Bay.


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